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"Americana fans, rejoice, because Gwyneth & Monko have arrived to provide us all with our fix! ... “Down” is an amazing example of their work, a slow-burning groove featuring some of the best mournful female vocals not to be prominently featured on a Rosanne Cash or Lucinda Williams album — and Monko’s guitar solo midway through the song’s seven minute length will hook you if the vocals haven’t"
- Hear, Hear! What Matters in the World of Popular Music | August 6, 2011

"Gwyneth & Monko ... kinda reminds me sometimes of Nanci Griffith's wonderful work of the late '80s -- if Nanci had been hanging out a lot with Lucinda Williams. Or maybe I should just say it's as if Lucinda Williams had Nanci Griffith's voice. Or something highly complimentary. Aw, hell. What I'm trying to say is this is good stuff."
- Revolution 21's Blog for the People, The Mighty Favog | February 15, 2011

"An album full of dark and beautiful songs that radiate with the fever of Appalachian folk tunes yet have the easy going attitude of West Coast rock. .... Together, the two present a real no-nonsense approach to playing Folk inspired music that strikes the right balance between rural roots and urban attitude."
- Tuneraker.com | February 11, 2011

"... Monko’s virtuoso guitar work lifts the tracks to a new level, especially on the slow-burning sorrow of “Down.”
- Paranoid_Humanoid | November 10, 2011 (Jeremy Lukens - Music critic for Glide Magazine)

"...a singer with a moving voice and an amazing musician in Michael Monko."
- Kevin Gustafson, Blogcritics

"Americana is alive and kicking, this is splendid, gentle, moving music from two very talented individuals (more please!)."
- Beehive Candy

"Complexity within simplicity. That's the recipe that drives Good Old Horse and makes it such an indispensable EP.... Don't be surprised if Gwyneth & Monko become darlings of the folk circuit over the next few years.
- Wildy's World, Blogspot

"...I found myself weak at the knees listening for the first time to the lovely song Pine Box Sailor."
- CALL IT FOLK: A Home for Good Songs and Ballads, Hosted by Tunesmith

"Lexington Ballad" .... showcases Monko's musicianship, as well as Moreland's flair for folk-style storytelling. Wielding his mandolin with a bold, yet gentle, force, Monko expertly weaves in and out of verses, intersecting with his partner in cascading spurts."
- Exclaim! Canada's Music Authority | Author: Nereida Fernandes

"Maybe roots music, in the context of Americana, has become an increasingly popular genre over the last 10 years because it has the ability to span across blues, country and rock-and-roll. And so someone who plays a little blues can also say they're "Americana" if they put a little twang into it. But there's not many who combine all the elements as fluently as Gwyneth Moreland.”
– Monica Stark, The Ukiah Daily Journal

"From out of the Northern California redwoods on the beautiful Mendocino Coast comes a talent so unique, it makes me want to shout it from the hilltops to the world-wide airwaves."
– DJ Larry Hacken, KZYX

"... Gwyn's smooth, angelic voice is mesmerizing."
- Stringband.com
(Foxglove: Foxglove, 2004 - review)

"Gwyneth Moreland has been a standout member of our musical communities for years but, with the release of Gwyn's first solo album "Wishbone", we get to share nuances, emotions and music only hinted at in the past. This one is deep and rich. Nice work!"
- Tom Yates, KOZT

"What strikes me about Gwyneth’s music is the breadth of styles, and the refreshing straightforwardness of her writing. She speaks her mind in her poetry, and is not afraid to set up a musical expectation that shifts gears in unexpected ways. She evokes the lurch of the tavern and the comfort of home with a playful and poignant lyricism wrapped in clear musical arrangements."
- David Remedios, Sound Designer and Composer, Boston MA

"Good taste would be worthless, ... without a great vocalist to voice these songs. With Gwyn Moreland, Foxglove has just such a stellar singer. Moreland sings these songs with tangible gentleness, but she’s also steadfastly purposeful at the same time."
- Dan Macintosh, Indie-Music.com
(Foxglove: Foxglove, 2004 - review)

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